Decide spontaneously what you watch and where you watch it

The service promises more freedom and flexibility when watching TV. Read here everything worth knowing about this useful technology. How does it work?

You're out with friends and realize that you missed your TV show. You are annoyed because very important things happened there that concern your favorite actor. Unfortunately you did not record it. The only way to watch the missed show is to do an intensive search on the internet.

Those days are over as of today, with Streamstorm IPTV. You can access your programs at any time, no matter when or where you are. You define the TV and not the TV defines you.

Timeshift or also called Timereplay is the magic word. You never miss your TV  show again.  Streamstorm IPTV offers you 7 days time shifted TV on your favorite channel. 

How can you use it? What does it mean for you?

Simply skip annoying advertising, no matter when or where. In Switzerland, as well as abroad. With any Internet provider.

✔ never miss a show again

✔ never again advertising

✔ rewinding a running program

✔ with APP and 4K IPTV Setupbox usable on any device

✔ worldwide, at any place

✔ 7 days recording on all Timereplay /Timeshift channels

✔ Top HD or FullHD quality, also on the recordings

What does Timeshift offer you? What are the advantages of timeshifting television?

Timeshift /Timereplay offers you the absolute freedom, because you can watch your TV channels 7 days delayed.

You don't need any additional hardware, just the standard TV subscription of Streamstorm IPTV, which you can use with the 4K IPTV Setupbox and the APP.

No complicated setup, just plug in the device or start APP. You can select the channels directly from the TV program (EPG).

Server with HDD

What hardware do I need and is it possible?

IPTV combined with Timeshift / Timereplay

Many systems are difficult to set up. Almost everyone has experienced that you wanted to put a device into operation and nothing worked.  Eternal trying out and at some point you got the device running.  Who does not know it? Complicated configurations, cabling, alignment of satellite dishes, bad image transmission etc.

With our system this will not happen to you. To be able to watch TV at a later time we recommend our new 4K IPTV Setupbox, which provides you with updates directly and is very easy to use.

It applies, plug in, runs.

The best thing about it is that it works with every internet provider. You want to leave Switzerland for the vacations? Great for you, take your box with you and you will have the same program abroad, the Corona quarantine time won't harm you.

Second also very popular solution is our Ministra APP. Simply open the APP Store of a device, download Ministra APP, enter your data, and you're done.

4K IPTV Setupbox, you can easily connect to any TV or monitor. You only need to connect the box to HDMI, power to the Internet and you can start right away. You can watch all the content on any TV set, of course with the time-shifted TV.

Ministra APP, is possible with APP capable devices.  With APP you are completely mobile, install it on tablets, phones, Android IPTV setup boxes and TVs. You can be on the road and always have access to your full TV program, any place, any time, because you can watch all programs 7 days back.

What do I need to know about the Ministra APP? The Ministra APP can only do what the device on which it is installed can do. For example, if a TV does not support AC3 audio, the APP will not be able to do so.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Runs on any TV device or display.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Ministra APP

Runs on all devices with an APP Store.

How is this done and what is the technology behind it?

For the customer it should be easy, he doesn't need to worry about anything.

Everyone who records or has recorded stations with hard disks or older recorders knows exactly how tedious it can be until everything runs and is recorded as desired.

This is easy with Streamstorm IPTV with timereplay. You can search the electronic program guide- also called EPG - for the desired program and start it directly. You don't have to program or record anything, you can only select.

A professional cloud makes it possible for us to give you access to so much content. Because we already record the channels for you, you don't need to do that. You have no setup, no additional costs, no annoying advertising, you can use everything directly.

Server with HDD

Direct broadcasting from the cloud to you. No matter if you connect to the 4K IPTV Setupbox or the Ministra APP, you can only search for your missed show in the TV program and start directly.

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of this technology?

Are you a TV slave? Loosen your chains already today. From now on you decide the TV program and not the TV program you!