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Have you ever wished you could sell yourself with a superpower and generate really fat sales? We'll tell you something: You already have this superpower.

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Have you been clicking through job listing websites for hours and finally found nothing? We have the solution.

You should have the following basic requirements:

- you are not completely lost
- are able to supply yourself with food in the supermarket
- do not always arrive to late with the bus because the SBB allegedly does not run.
- you can read clocks
- you know basic arithmetic
- know how to use a PC and keyboard
- have you ever had a correspondence with more than two connected words
- can communicate politely
- know how to use a deodorant and the washing machine
- you do not need to take a semester off in the next five weeks to find your way to you - or your mum
- can imagine working 1-2 days a week without getting a burn-out syndrome

then congratulations!
You have a job opportunity.

Find your dream job! Every person has the ability to achieve exactly that. In our seminars we explain how to sell successfully and take you to the next level with us!

We will answer all questions that are asked via our E-Mail, or via social media.  Please send us the Curriculum vitae.

Take a look, we are looking forward to seeing you,
Your Streamstorm Team

You're in the process of evolving and you don't know how to do it yet? Or you just want to make more money? You want to know how to double your income every year? Then come to us.

Become part of a new TV experience

With our mobile subscription you can watch your TV program anywhere in the world. 

You can run the subscription on any internet enabled device where Android or IOs apps can be installed. 

- Tablets, iPad 

- Smartphones, mobile phones 

- SmartTVs, example Samsung 

Use the same functions as you know from the box, only mobile and anytime. IPTV suitable for mobile homes, caravans, campers, cottages, apartments, sailboats, motorboats, cars and much more. 

The application possibilities are limitless. 

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