H264/h265, what does that mean?

How you can easily recognize the video compression quality and how they are labeled, you can read here ...

What do these terms h264/h265, HD, FullHD or 4K mean? How can I recognize the quality and distinguish better pictures from worse ones?

To make it easier to understand, we will explain the terms briefly so that you too can become a quality professional.

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Differences between h264 and h265 (HEVC)

H264 and h265 are both video compression standards. The efficiency of the h265 codec (also called HEVC) is mainly increased by changing block sizes during compression. The H264 codec divides the image into blocks of 16 × 16 pixels to view each block separately.

HEVC can choose between block sizes of 4 × 4 and 64 × 64, which is especially advantageous for large images and videos. For videos, the blocks are now available in four sizes instead of the previous two.

The advantage is particularly apparent in image areas that do not change in the video of consecutive frames, and only change their position, such as camera pans. This allows the HEVC to achieve 25-30% better efficiency than the H264.

What does the H265 Codec (HEVC) promise and what is reality?

The developers of H265 promise between 50-60% reduction of data volume, while maintaining the same image quality. At a measurement of the University of Moscow in 2015, the then still quite new h265 codec had only achieved a 25% improvement compared to the h265 codec.

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So where does this difference come from and what is the experience of Streamstorm IPTV?

Streamstorm IPTV says that this is not true!

First of all, this depends on the used resolution.

Secondly, it has to be mentioned that also the h264 codec has improved considerably in the last years and its efficiency has been increased. The desired values of a saving of -50% data load compared to the h264 codec were only achieved in the initial years between 2013 and 2015.

Streamstorm has also made the experience that the h265 codec (HEVC) can save between 25-30% of data while maintaining the same FullHD quality.

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