How to install Ministra APP for Samsung TV?

You have problems to install the Ministra APP on your TV? You can find the solution here.

How to install Ministra APP on your Samsung TV

You can't find the APP, we also have a solution for it.

The Ministra Player app can be downloaded for free through the Samsung Apps online store. Open the Smart Hub via the remote control. Go to Apps. Enter Ministra Player in the search box. Press Install.

You can obtain a License key by one of the two ways: On the streamstorm website or from Infomir, the developers of the APP.

To install the application through Samsung Apps, you must do the following:

1. Open the Smart Hub via the remote control.

2. Go to APP's

3. Enter Ministra in the search Box

4. Press install

5. Ministra Player for Tizen will be installed on the device after a few minutes.

Note for Samsung TV's

Ministra APP i'snt available on my Samsung APP Store.

Ministra APP for Samsung Smart TV is recommended to be installed on TV models H (2014 year) and J series (2015 year). Application performance on other models is from developer Infomir not guaranteed.

You can install Ministra APP for Samsung Smart TV only under the developer account

If you have another account activated on your TV set, you need log out and log in with the developer account! Applications that have been previously installed from other sources will be removed from your device. Save installation files to restore removed application later. System applications will remain on your TV set.

I can't find the Ministra APP, what should I do?

Here are the exact steps so that you can install the Ministra APP on your Samsung TV device, even if the Ministra APP is not available in the APP Store.

1. Go to Smart Hub → Samsung Account → Login to log in to your developer account.

You can also create developer account by performing the following steps:

- Press the Menu button on the remote control and go to the Smart Hub section.

- Select Samsung account → Create account from the list.

- Accept Samsung’s terms and privacy policy.

- Enter “develop” in the ID field. Leave the password field blank.

- Click Finish.

2. Log in to your account.

3. Go to Samsung Apps:

- Press the Smart Hub button on the remote control or select item Open Smart Hub.

- Select Popular → Samsung Apps.

4. Set the focus onto any installed application and hold the OK button on the remote for several seconds until you see the context menu.

5. Select IP Settings from the context menu and enter IP address:

6. Repeat Step 4.

7. Select Start User App Sync from the context menu.

8. Ministra Player for Samsung Smart TV will be installed on the device in a few minutes.

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