Integrating your Streamstorm IPTV Account

Watch your radio and TV channels anytime, anywhere. We help you with the selection.

ALL Devices

The first question is which receiver you want to use. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
Most of our customers operate the channels with an IPTV box. This has the advantage that the channels can be operated on any television. For the function it needs only Internet..

We aspire to be one of the best of international IPTV providers. What is true about the statement?

"Streamstorm offers innovative IPTV at the highest level. It can be used everywhere where there is Internet. It leaves nothing to be desired: many TV channels, music, radio from many different countries."

"Finally the Mobil APP Ministra is available. Now it is even possible to use our complete IPTV offer on your tablet or mobile phone. Of course everywhere and at any time."

Only search for the APP "Ministra" in the APP Store of the respective device and install it on the Tablet, TV, Dreambox or mobile phone.

You can order and pay for our mobile subscription on the website and you will be given access. For the APP you have to pay a one-time license fee. The license is transferred directly to the device when you place your order, you only need to enter the access data we send you and the device will set itself up.

We say it too - everything is so simple!

Start now with the new mobile subscription and join us when we say: Everywhere and anytime.