What does SD, HD, FullHD, 4K, 8K mean?

What are the differences in quality? What is the best quality for streaming? With which signal is the reception better? Read more ...

Why should you use Streamstorm IPTV and what are the channel qualities of Streamstorm IPTV?

It is very easy to understand, we will give you some examples.

Differences between SD, HD, FullHD, 4K and 8K

The lowest quality with SD has 640 X 480 pixels, we call these streams "480p". This quality does not occur with TV stations anymore, only with old movies.

Medium quality with SD has 720 X 576 pixels, we call these streams "576p". This quality is very rare on TV stations, most stations have switched to HD.

Good quality is offered by HD-Ready with 1280 x 720 pixels, we call the streams "720p". The difference to FullHD is only very small and the quality of the picture is already very good.

Very good quality is provided by the FullHD with 1920 x 1080 pixels, we call the streams "1080p". FullHD delivers a top picture and is particularly effective for sports.

The absolute top quality is delivered by 4K with 3840 x 2160 pixels, we call the streams "4K". There are only a few stations that offer a 4K experience. The picture is about 4x as sharp as FullHD and will revolutionize the market in the future.

Why HD, FullHD and 4K are best

A compromise between a very good picture and little internet bandwidth is the HD-Ready signal with 720p. It is most common in TV streaming and offers you a clean and undisturbed picture, even on small internet lines.

FullHD is a must for sports channels. It is considerably sharper than HD Ready with 720p, even with fast picture movements. For an undisturbed TV experience you need a stable internet connection which should deliver at least 15'000kbits.

4K is not to be beaten in streaming quality at the moment, it requires an internet line with at least 50'000kbits. Convince yourself with this video.


So where does this difference come from and what is the experience of Streamstorm IPTV?

Streamstorm IPTV says that this is not true!

Time Delay, we prepare the signal for you with professional hardware directly from satellite and that's why you are already cheering in front of your neighbor.

Quality, The quality of our professional hardware in our satellite stations reduces the streams in real time, so you have maximum picture sharpness, but only need 50% of the internet bandwidth you would otherwise need. This means for you a trouble-free operation, even with weaker internet lines.

Streamstorm has made the experience that with Streamstorm IPTV already 10'000kbits are enough for an undisturbed operation of FullHD, because the signal is broadcasted compressed and therefore unattractive pixels in the picture belong to the past.

You want to see the difference in quality yourself? Then we have exactly the right offer for you.

Best quality at a top price!