Why you should part with the TV and use the technology IPTV

IPTV vs TV vs SAT vs Kabel vs DVBT-2

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All benefits at a glance

Every person should consider a change, because IPTV is superior to normal TV in some points. In the following the most important advantages of IPTV are listed and compared.

Comparison of IPTV with other TV reception sources.

Advantage 1  - Very good picture quality

In the early years IPTV was inferior to SAT or cable in terms of picture and sound quality. Today, this is no longer the case. On the contrary, thanks to ever faster Internet connections, the quality can be increased almost arbitrarily, while DVB-T2 or SAT have to make do with limited bandwidths. Already from 30 MBits 4K (Ultra HD or also called UHD) can be transmitted. Many broadband connections today offer 50, 200 or even 1000 MBits. Unfortunately, the offered internet speeds are often not constantly maintained. Therefore 4K is still rather a dream of the future. There are no limits at the top.

Advantage 2  - Timeshift timereplay television

The majority of Swiss TV lovers love time-shifted television because it offers much greater freedom. Timeshifted television is often referred to as "timeshifting" or "timereplay". It allows you to pause a running program. Timeshifting is probably one of the most popular features of all due to its practical added value of skipping commercials. With the TV offer of Streamstorm (standard subscription), there is even a special application - with rewind you can set a program that is already running to the beginning and thus restart it.

Advantage 3  - excellent channel selection

For many TV and IPTV consumers, the choice of program variety is an essential factor. We at Streamstorm IPTV should be able to meet even high expectations without any problems. Net, Streamstorm IPTV offers the most channels. In addition, Sky's extensive offering can be booked as an option. A detailed overview of the channel variety of Streamstorm IPTV can be found here.

Advantage 4 - High resolution television

HDTV, 4K or UHD stands for high-definition television in the best digital quality, with brilliant colors and impressive sharpness. IPTV is best suited for this! Streamstorm IPTV offers, with over 150 channels, a wide range of HD channels. To receive High-Definition, Streamstorm IPTV requires a broadband access with at least 20 MBit/s. IPTV is also perfect for UHD (4K), which is four times sharper. IPTV customers are the first who were allowed to enjoy 4K content at all. The future means 4K, 8K or better. Good for all those who are already IPTV customers, who can enjoy the added value of an even sharper picture first.

Advantage 5 - On Demand

The OnDemand function offers us the possibility to watch television anywhere and anytime. You will watch programs and movies when YOU want and not when the TV station broadcasts it. In addition, TV broadcasts from the last few days are made available again in an in-house "media library". The retrieval from there is of course included in the standard subscription.

Advantage 6 - interactive content services

For a long time it was a dream of many TV users not only to be a consumer, but also to actively participate. Interactive TV has often already been announced. IPTV offers a so-called "back channel", which is a basic requirement for interactive applications. The functions still remain within a manageable range. But in the "TV labs" of IPTV providers and broadcasters, new features are being developed. Like the already mentioned "Timereplay". The "interactive services" therefore still hold potential for numerous new and useful applications in the future. Would you like to see more examples of conceivable features? A new way of guessing during quiz shows or shopping. During the current show, additional information about the products shown can be displayed, with the option of ordering them directly. And of course much more.

Advantage 7 - Digital recording of TV and Video

Streamstorm offers customers an IPTV set-top box with USB connection for a hard disk. Only a hard disk as data storage enables the digital recording of television broadcasts. In terms of comfort and image quality, there is a world of difference between analog video and digital hard disk recorders or IP set-top boxes and APPs. The latter two are necessary to play back the TV signals that have been transmitted over the Internet line via the Internet. This is very similar to satellite television.

Advantage 8 - available worldwide

The most beautiful thing about Streamstorm IPTV is You can use it with any internet provider - worldwide. The only important thing is a stable internet connection, which guarantees a trouble-free operation. You don't need to do anything when moving house or on vacations. Plug in and run.

Advantage 9 - additional information "Enhanced TV"

One also speaks of "Enhanced TV". Games via television with IPTV are practically not yet an issue in Europe. In America there is already a trend in this direction. The games are primarily aimed at entertaining entertainment on TV without much graphic power. These are e.g. strategy games, jump & run, or sports games like tennis, field hockey, soccer, golf and much more. With Streamstorm IPTV this is possible on the MAG425A. The selection of games is very large. The fun factor is increased by a separate controller (similar to Playstation or Wii).

Check Subscription with APP for recieve IPTV Content.

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What do I have to do to benefit from the advantages of IPTV?

The nice thing is, everything is very simple. You can receive the signal with an APP (APP capable TV sets) or with our IPTV Setup Box. Just plug in the box or start APP, enter your account data and you are ready to go.

The Streamstorm IPTV subscription is transferred directly to the device and you can enjoy all the advantages of IPTV immediately.

Mobile Subscription with APP for recieve IPTV Content.

You like it with a IPTV Setup Box for best experience? Tablet, Phone, TV with APP, Android Systems...

... good Choice too!

What do I have to do? Order a MAG420 and a standard annual subscription, then you will have access to all of the IPTV content.