APP / Mobile Access

You like to go mobile with us?

Ministra APP

Go to your APP store and load the Ministra APP. Available for Android, IOS, AppleTV, Roku, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS TV's

Start with a new customer experience.

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Ministra APP

You can find the TV APP Ministra. Just install the APP from the APP Store of your TV and you're ready to go..

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Android based IPTV Setup Box. When you open the Ministra APP inside of Box, you will see the Menu in the usual environment.

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Ministra APP

After you have install the Ministra and add our Login Data, you can see the start Display of our Mobil APP.

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Settings APPs

You can make your own settings for the device. Its possible to set the language, the subtitles and the Aspect ration for the screen.

Remote Control APP

You have a defective remote control of the MAG IPTV boxes and want to operate your IPTV box with the APP at short notice or wait until the new remote control comes?

With our software remote control you can operate your IPTV box instead of the remote control.

How do I get the APP? Download the APP "Remote Control Infomir" on your APP Store.

Available for:

Apps for Android - AuraHD Remote

Apps for Android - MAGic Remote

Apps for iOS - AuraHD Remote

Apps for iOS - MAGic Remote

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Television over the Internet

New possibilities await you with IPTV! Forget the old TV where you know and come with us to the next level!

You can now record anywhere, watch TV, listen to the radio, listen to music, Youtube and you can watch videos.

The best is: Watch TV anytime, anywhere and don't miss a thing.