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inkl. EPG (TV Guide)

TV Channels

450 TV channels worldwide available, with EPG (TV Programm Guide), Favorits.


Record programs to USB stick, NAS or hard disk.

Timereplay TV

You missed a show? Experience time-shifted television up to 7 days.


Series, Movies, Blockbuster on one click


All genres, parent control, many serial episodes and videos available.


German, Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, English,      Turkish, French, Italian and many more.


HD (720p) and FullHD (1080p), as well as 4K      movies.


Music CD and Karaoke

Music Search

Click on the icon to adapt this function

Music CD's

Start the favorite song directly in the audio library.


You want to sing along at a party? No problem with our karaoke app.


International Radio Channels

Many different Radio Genres:

Rock, Alternative, Pop, Charts, Dance, Hip Hop, RnB, House, Techno.

Favourite Function

Always open your most important radio stations directly with one click.

Channel search

You can find your TV station at any time via the search function.

You are a TV fan and you want to watch your TV program anywhere in the world?

With our TV experience offer you get exactly that.