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Streamstorm GmbH

Samstagernstrasse 45

8832 Wollerau SZ


Streamstorm GmbH

Langenhagstrasse 31

9424 Rheineck SG 

Information for buyers and online shoppers: Tel.: +4181 771 21 21 

Contact / FAQ Information for sellers and dealers: Tel.: +4181 771 21 21 

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Pascal Ottiger from Rheineck, Chief Executive Officer

Swen Ottiger from Eschenbach SG, Chief Financial Officer 


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Registered in Company Register Switzerland:

Switzerland: UID: CHE-305.803.410

Purpose of the Company

Provide media services, broadcast television and radio programmes, consultancy services, commercial use of patents, licences and rights, trade in goods and real estate, execution of projects and trade in goods of all kinds. The Company may establish branches in Switzerland and abroad, acquire stakes in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, act as agents, finance its own accounts or those of third parties, provide guarantees and sureties for subsidiaries and third parties and acquire, manage and sell real estate.