IPTV Box + Subscription "Standard"


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349.00 CHF

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MAG256 IPTV box with one year contract, payment periods are freely selectable.

14-day money-back guarantee.
Free Shipping in Switzerland.
Buy now, get in 2 days.
Excluded are mobil subscription, Trial and Collocation Servers.

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Watch free TV

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You want to watch free TV? Recommend our TV experience to 10 friends and get a free "Light" account. As long as the customers stay.

Beautiful TV channels and movies.

Brilliance on your TV. And behind it.

All sports fans watch out!
You also want to have a brilliant picture with very little delay? So do we!
For the dear children we have many channels. You are loved.

Powered by our third-generation IPTV Setup Box, this MAG256 is very fast.

With the standard subscription you can watch TV with  time shift.

Record it with own HDD and save your Series and Movies.

Key Features

High Speed Device.

Usable with each internet provider

Easy to set up

More energy efficient.

You determine the TV program

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