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The Firstmover subscription for our TV boxes and the APP.
This subscription can only be booked until 30.09.2019.

14-day money-back guarantee.
Free Shipping in Switzerland.
Buy now, get in 2 days.
Excluded are mobil subscription, Trial and Collocation Servers.

Only possible until the end of September 2019

We will close the subscription for the Firstmover to the 5th anniversary, from then on only renewals are possible - no new customers.

Unlimited Access for our Firstmover clients

For each device

Can be used with IPTV boxes and the Ministra APP.

  • Firstmover offer included:

  • over 700 TV channels

  • 7 days delayed Television

  • EPG (TV program)

  • 2000 Radio Channels

  • Music (audio on demand)

  • Video library with films and series

  • MagicCast screen streaming

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The subscription for every TV box and for the Ministra APP

Now you still have the chance to be there!

Perfect Quality. You want to watch our whole TV offer including XXX in top quality? Enjoy international radio stations, music, TV, movies and series, all from one source in one subscription.

Advantages. With the Firstmover subscription you always have full access to everything. You receive all offers faster than the others. Only this customer group is allowed to test the latest innovationst.

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