MAG351 IPTV Box (Sommer Sale)


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140.00 CHF

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IPTV Setup Box "MAG351" without subscription.

14-day money-back guarantee.
Free Shipping in Switzerland.
Buy now, get in 2 days.
Excluded are mobil subscription, Trial and Collocation Servers.

Innovatest IPTV from Swiss.

The MAG351 is the fastest IPTV Box from us, supports 4K and HEVC. Its compact size with active cooling, natural 5.1 sound is possible with SPDIF connection between Box and Sound System.


  • great design
  • supports 4K
  • supports 5.1 Audio 
  • high-quality audio SPDIF
  • Remote control
  • Auxiliary input for portable devices
  • 2x HDMI Cable (1x Input, 1x Output)
  • Charger 

Total Comfort

The multi-purpose remote control enables you to manage the Set-Top Box as well as other electronics. You can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse through a USB port for more comfort when operating the MAG351.

The Set-Top Box MAG351 can be connected using an HDMI or RCA port.


HDMI 1.4


Ethernet 1000mbits (1GB/s)

USB 2.0 and 3.0

Perfection in Every Detail

For extra convenience, MAG351 can be controlled with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

MAG351 supports NAS protocol, S/PDIF, USB 2.0 and optional WLAN Cards.

The Set-Top Box MAG351 can be connected using an HDMI or RCA port.


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