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This TRIAL can run on any device.

14-day money-back guarantee.
Free Shipping in Switzerland. Excluded are Trials.



You get all features of the standard subscription in the trial time

TRIAL for IPTV Setup Box we need MAC Address of device

You would like to independently watch our entire TV offer incl. The XXX channels in top quality and record or watch time-delayed television? Enjoy international radio channels and music? Even image transfer from other mobile devices to the box is possible with our TRIAL subscription. All without complicated equipment.

Everything is so easy.

Choose TRIAL product, pay, download "Ministra APP" or send us the MAC address of device in the order, done.
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

SmartTV APP Ministra

You can search for the TV APP Ministra. Just install the APP from the APP Store and you are ready to go.

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TRIAL for MAG (MAC Address needed) , TRIAL for Mobile (Android, iOS, all Tablets) , TRIAL for SmartTV