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Huge variety of channels. Through our offer you will find your favourite TV station, it is even available worldwide.

Recording. A programme is important to you, you would like to archive it for yourself personally? No problem, all you need is a USB stick or a hard drive. Simply connect it to the box and you're done.

Time-shifted television. You have to work longer and can't watch your favourite series? Never miss a show again! With our TV Box you can watch TV up to 7 days later.

Light Subscription Standard Subscription
Sport US HD

AD Sport 1 HD

YAS Sports HD

      Light Subscription Standard Subscription Timereplay  7d (Standard only)
      SRF 1 HD

      SRF 2 HD

      SRF info HD

      3+ Schweiz HD

      4+ Schweiz HD

      5+ Schweiz HD

      6+ Schweiz HD

      Tele Basel HD

      Tele Bärn HD

      Tele Züri


      Tagesschau 24 HD

      Swiss 1 HD

      MTV HD

      Star TV

      TeleBielingue TV

      Tele D

      Tele 1

      Tele M1

      S1 HD

      TV Südostschweiz HD

      Puls 8 HD

      Tele Z HD

      TeleTop HD

      Regio TV (Bodensee)

      Channel 55

      TV 24 HD

      TV 25 HD

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      Whether sport, action, drama, documentary or series

      You are guaranteed to find your favourite programmes or exciting TV series on our TV Box. The variety of channels makes it possible for you.

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