Telekomandë  për MAG SRC-4015


25,00 CHF 25.0 CHF

25,00 CHF

Vendose n'shportë


Remote Control for each Infomir MAG Device (exception MAG425A).

14 ditë garanci për kthimin e parave.
Transport falas në Zvicër. Përjashtohen Gjykimet.

Multi-purpose Remote Control

The main feature of our remote control (included in the Set-Top Box package) is its reliability and endurance.

Furthermore, it has low energy consumption, thus a set of AAA batteries last for several months.  Our universal remote control has an ergonomic design and is available in black color.

The special five-button section may be reprogrammed to control other devices: TVs, stereo systems, air conditioning, etc.

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