Watching TV over the Internet

Internet TV is easy to use, brings much more channel selection, recordings, usable everywhere

The future means television over the Internet. It brings many advantages over the traditional TV. Streaming makes that possible. All content we streaming direct to your mobil device or IPTV setup box.

IPTV SETUP BOX. The best advantage of the set top box is that it can be connected to any TV and operated with any internet provider. The box does everything itself, only connect, finished.

APP INSTALLATION. Simply search and download the app "Ministra" in the APP Store. We transfer the key and the subscription to the APP, just enter our login details. The license is valid per device and can not be transferred. They have the same functionality as on the box.

Our Subscription


IPTV in top quality

CHF 149 .90

User (annual contract)
  • 200 TV Channels
  • EPG (TV Guide)
  • 2000 Radio Channels
  • optional: Mobile Subscription


Full entertainment with timereplay

CHF 219 .90

User (annual contract)
  • 450 TV Channels + XXX
  • 7 Days Timereplay
  • EPG (TV Guide)
  • 2000 Radio Channels
  • Music (Audio on Demand)
  •  optional: Mobile Subscription

Available from 2019


Full entertainment incl. VOD

CHF 329 .90

User (annual contract)
  • over 750 TV Channels + XXX
  • 7 Days Timereplay
  • EPG (TV Guide)
  • 2000 Radio Channels
  • Music (Audio on Demand)
  • Videoclub with Movies and Series
  • MagicCast Screen Mirroring
  • optional: Mobile Subscription

Subscription without additional devices

The proven uncomplicated IPTV offer from us!

Now watch your TV shows all over the world with perfect picture quality. You are just steps away from your TV experience.

Order our proven entertainment offer right here!

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Streaming is the new TV future

Who doesn't know streaming with IPTV today?

With Smart TVs you can stream, with mobile phones and tablets you can stream. Download our IPTV APP (or IP TV) from your APP Store and get started.

IPTV Experience or IP TV Experience. TV on the Internet is the trend of the future. It's Sat over IP, but with more advantages. Streaming means you can watch TV online anytime, anywhere.

IPTV makes your TV internet ready. Forget the APP Smart IPTV! Smart IPTV can only handle channels. Our IPTV APP Ministra is more powerful and offers you much more content for your TV or mobile phone.