Future of Emails

Ideas behind the Streamstorm IPTV communication tools.

We had to rethink the entire communication flow.

The new Communication Mechanism of Streamstorm IPTV

Here are the ideas behind the Streamstorm communication tools:

  • We have therefore decided to run all communication through our website. So every customer can do many things independently without our help. However, if they need help, we will guarantee fast processing via our chat, web form or ticket system.
  • We have decided in favour of these measures so that the expense for us does not become too high and it has to be imposed on the customer in terms of costs.
    The chat can also guarantee a fast process.

    • Chat: Receive quick answers to short, uncomplicated questions.
    • Mailform & Ticket: Complicated questions only by email or ticket
    • Phone: Help with everything. Extensions and information about the service are free of charge

  • Thank you for your understanding.